Zodiac Company was founded in 2015 in the city of Bruggen, Germany

In the beginning, we were planning only to sell used forklifts in Germany. But soon we realized that our customers were also interested in spare parts for them.

We have expanded the product line and today we can offer:
– Used warehouse equipment
– Spare parts for forklifts
– Spare parts for construction and road machine
– Lithium-ion batteries

Zodiac has strong relationships with large and reliable suppliers in Europe and Asia so we have competitive prices and minimum delivery time.

We monitor the quality of our products. Samples of spare parts and all equipment are tested by our experts before sending to customers.

Zodiac – the team of professionals who love their work, customers, suppliers

We work honestly, openly, responsibly.

Our goal is a long-term cooperation, not short-term benefits.

Start your cooperation with us. Our contacts are always available for you.

Yours Zodiac Team